Renato Di Maggio Rodrigues, born in August 1996 in Basel, Switzerland, 

is a self-taught Photographer and Painter and works in Basel and Rome.

He shadowed the Swiss artist Gilbert Uebersax during 2017-2018 in the Atelierklingental in Basel.

In 2020 he graduated from the Accademia Italiana di Arte, Moda e Design in Rome.

He started his career as a Street Photographer in Brighton, England in 2018. 

The atmosphere of city life nourished his curiosity to capture life situations with the lens. 

In order to leverage his skills, after his journey around England he gained professional experience through 

the main capitals in Europe.

In Rome he began to work as Fashion Photographer, but was gradually moving to Fine Arts, venturing, 

beyond Photography, in mixed media and painting. 

"Photography is a medium through which those forgotten memories re-emerge in us, 

allowing us to relive a feeling and an emotion lived in that moment.

That moment was and will be impressed for eternity, no matter if it was beautiful or not.

What matters is feeling and memory.

Everything else doesn’t matter."


collective Galleria La Nica, Rome (IT) 2020

collective Sommercasino, Basel (CH) 2021

collective Network of Arts, Lucerne (CH) 2022

photoSCHWEIZ22, Zurich (CH) 2022

Selected Works

two selected works in dedication to Gilbert Uebersax at Rappaz Museum, Basel (CH) 2021


VIEpa Vienna International Photo Award, Vienna (AU) 2020

Laboratory for emerging artists

'art lab' by Beyerle Foundation Sept-Dec, Basel (CH) 2022


Hamburger Eyes No. 52



Viral. «Le Ballet dans le Garage»

Viral. «Luci e Ombre» – eine Fotostrecke